Mobile Detailing Services

* We have a two car minimum on our Bronze and Silver packages.  *

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Mobile Detailing

 Bronze Package SM:$45.00/ LG:$55.00/XLG:$65.00

  • This is our most time effective service. In less than an hour we wash and wax a vehicle. Services include: A detailed hand wash and towel dry, tires shine, full vacuum, door jamb cleaning, dusting and deodorizing interior, and finally a thorough spray hand wax and polish.

  • (Substitute a hand paste wax for an additional $40)

Silver Package SM:$70.00/ LG:$85.00/ XLG: $100.00

  • This Service is a little more etensive in the interior of the vehicle. Services include: A detailed hand wash and towel dry, tire shine, door jam cleaning, full vacuum, dusting, deodorizing, vinyl and leather cleaning and protectant, glass cleaning, floor mat and carpet shampooing, and a detailed spray hand wax and polish. 
  • (Substitute a hand paste wax for an additional $40)

Gold Package SM:$160.00/ LG:$200.00/ XLG:$240.00

  • This is our most thorough interior and exterior full detail. This service should be done at least twice a year to protect and optimize a vehicles value and overall look and feel. Services include: Clean, shine, and shampoo every surface of the interior of the vehicle including all pockets, cracks and crevice; fully degrease, detail, and shine the engine compartment; wash, towel dry, and tire shine; finally we finish with a durable hand wax or polymer. 

Platinum Package Starting at:$200.00 

  • This package is our full detail but includes an exterior restoration. All services in the gold package are employed here but before we apply the exterior wax or polymer finish we take every step to restore the paint to it's original luster. Pricing varies slightly depending on the condition of the paint. The process is a wet sanding, clay barring, and high speed buffing technique that includes rubbing and polishing compounds. Call us before you spend thousands on a new paint job. We will surprise you with what we can do!

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Add-On Mobile Services

 Headlight Restoration $75.00

  • Vehicles with foggy and hazy lenses have a low light output and generally just look bad. New lenses are very expensive costing upwards of $400 for a set. Our restoration system improves clarity and appearance up to 95% of their original quality. The Process: We thoroughly wet sand both lights in 3 different grit stages to remove all pitting and hazing from the light, next we hand apply heavy compound removing most of the scratching from the sanding stage, then we apply polishing compound with our high speed buffer removing all scratching and imperfections, finally a durable polymer finish is applied by hand to provide long lasting protection. 

Clay Baring SM:$45.00/ LG:$60.00/ XLG:$75.00

  • Clay barring is a relatively new technique in automobile detailing that is great for car enthusiasts who really want to maintain the integrity of their cars' finish. This process removes all tiny particles, overspray, and dead paint and wax from the surface of the vehicle. This improves the clarity and luster of the paint without removing any existing wax or polymers. This process also prevents fine scratches from the unwanted particles that naturally accumulate over time.
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On-Site Wash for Events

Hourly Booking $75.00 ( 3 hour minimum)

  • Are you having a party or gathering with many friends or associates? Your guests will be thrilled when they go to leave the party and drive home in their clean car compliments of you. Our mobile trailer can be booked for any party or get together for a flat hourly rate. We can do up to 4 cars an hour inside and out. Or we can do a more thorough clean at a rate of 2 cars an hour. Call for details!